For parking ease, we always recommend driving the smallest vehicle in your fleet. Bisbee's streets can be narrow and winding, reminiscent of small towns in Europe. But no matter the vehicle you drive, with our available on-site parking (a rarity in Old Bisbee) and plenty of public parking nearby, you are sure to find a space.


We are one of the few hotels in Old Bisbee to offer private, on-site parking; however, our two small lots are limited, and operate on a first come, first served basis. Parking is not guaranteed. In order to best accommodate everyone, we limit space to one vehicle per suite. If parking is unavailable when you arrive, feel free to double park to unload your luggage, and then kindly move your vehicle to public parking below.


Street parking is free in Bisbee and can usually be found without much trouble. There are also a number of public parking areas around town. Closest to us, is the public parking area in Brewery Gulch, just steps below the hotel. There are also public lots at the end of OK Street; in front of the Lyric Theater, and across Main Street as you first come into town.

larger vehicles